Thaipusam - Germany

It's the faith...

By michael hoefner
13 July 2008

The annual temple festival in Hamm-Uentrop is the biggest south-indian Hindu event in Germany and its organizer, the Sri Kamadchi Ampal temple, is the best known temple amongst Tamils living in Germany. The religious festival includes public processions and poojas (divine services).

Thousands of Hindu devotees attend the great parade. Men and Women pulling a big ceremony wagon (theer) pompously decorated through the streets.

Photo © 2008 Michael Hoefner

"Kavadi" bearers carrying a kind of portable altar (kavadi) decorated with colourful peacock feathers, along a set route occasionally stopping to dance to the sound of the drums. What catches the eye are smallish silver lances pierced into the cheeks or tongue. The other is in the form of hooks attached to the backs of the devotees with the other ends connected to a person pulling a rope. The rituals may be painful but reveals the devotees loyalty and love to the God: "it's the faith that keeps the pain away..."

Photo © 2008 Michael Hoefner

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Zanadu said...

The pictures are Wow! great going Kavadi.