Lauras Tss spearexperience

On march 16 I participated in the TSS meeting and enjoyed for the first time the sensation of the spear, it was quite different than what i thought it could be, and greatly enjoyed, i met new ppl, spent a really nice sunday with friends/family good wishes, and vibes, what i treasure most is the new sense.

"I think it will be difficult to express what I feel today in English
I am not just passing a few pleasant days, but also I experienced something completely new for me
And here i would like to concentrate, to record that sentiment, which is already going away..
As love and hate, always surprises me,
Something that never ceases to amaze me is the sensitivity
I realize that everything I sense, is only a minimal portion of what could be
Pain is not what interests me without sensitivity
The spears not only left mark on my face and hands
Also marked a limit that almost made me leave my body
Which makes me think that there is no limit at all
Made me be more aware of my environment than ever
And left me thinking differently..
The sharp ear and all senses fully exploited
Even after removing the spears this incredible sensation became more intense
I am in love with this new feeling

How many times have i said that i love surprises?
I love the detail that was introduced at every moment
Friends present, the day, the countryside, all helped
But I will not deny that i would have liked a more private session
That is because I am an hysterical ^.^
I hope that with this it is sufficient to recall that
First sensation
I hope to never forget how every movement of my skin reflected a change in sensation, and apply it to my life."

Note from Kavadinfo:
Laura thanks for sharing your experience here.

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