Putting the spears

The spears have to be really sharp so they enter the body easy.
When you have a point off 3,5 and 4 cm is perfect.
Putting in the point of the spear is easy to do it just take a few mm to put inside. It’s not necessary to put a lot of presure, only when you gonna dance with the kavadi that could use a little more pressure.

There many ways to put the spears from the frame to the body.
I like to give a simple example how to put the spears.
The spears who have to go in front, of the body, goes in front of the frame also.
After a few experiences you can run with your fantasy in wich way you want to put them.

For example, when you like to put 40 spears, the best to do is put everything in balance, like 12 in the front and 12 in the back and 8 on each side.
Many more variations offcourse but stay in balance so the frame not gonna turn to one specific side.
Start with 4 spears in the front then 4 in the back, balance.
Then to the side and so on.


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PeCo said...

Hoi Korn,thanks for shering this important information with us...it was very very important in my first experience ...muy bueno..Dank Je :)